Kaiping Xinli Paper Packaging Co., Ltd.
Kaiping Xinli Paper Packing Co., Ltd.

Kaiping Xinli Paper Packaging Co., Ltd. was established on August 12, 2003. It is located in the eastern suburb of Cangcheng Town, Kaiping City, Guangdong Province. Its geographical location is very superior and transportation is very convenient.

The company develops, designs, manufactures and sells all kinds of cartons and color boxes. After years of accumulation and hard work, the company has gradually grown and formed a stable and technical working team with many highly professional technicians and managers......

XinLi Carton packaging4 advantages
Provide professional packaging solutions for you.
01Rich in experience and strength
Over the years of accumulation and hard work, the company has gradually grown and formed a stable and technically solid working team, with a number of highly professional technical personnel and managers.
02Advanced technology and quality technology
In order to meet the needs of the market and customers, we have purchased a complete set of production equipment for cartons and color boxes, equipped with three-color, four-color Oriental high-speed die-cutting integrated ink printing machine, German Gaobao five-color opposition, four-color full-sheet color offset printing machine and other high-speed advanced production equipment.
03Quality assurance and strong bearing capacity
The proper carton hardness allows your product to be delivered to the customer. It is difficult to deformation and breakage in cardboard transportation with suitable hardness and wider application. Special requirements can provide you with customized cartons.
04Provide professional pre-sale, sale, after sale service.
Professional technical team tracking and guidance services; free technical problem solving; provide authoritative product quality inspection reports.
The customized process of Xinlipackaging
  • Place an order

  • Communicate

  • Determination scheme

  • Proofing

  • Determine the sample

  • production

  • Distribution

  • After sale