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How to avoid the problem of collapse in Taishan carton production

2019-03-09 10:16:38

1. Manipulate the Use of Base Paper

Check the sizing condition of corrugated paper and the water absorption index of base paper. If the surface sizing of base paper is poor, the water absorption will be high. It is easy to be affected by the low temperature and humidity of hand cold storage, which will lead to moisture regain, softening and decrease the compressive strength of cleaning up.

2. Control the moisture content of cardboard when producing cardboard

The moisture content of cardboard is not too much. Because of the high moisture content, the hardness of cardboard is low, which affects the edge pressure index of cardboard. In the process of cardboard processing, the glue content of single-sided machine and double-sided machine should not be too large. Once the amount of glue is large, the corrugated shape of the cardboard will be deformed, and the corrugated shape directly affects the edge pressure of the cardboard, and the edge pressure decreases, so does the compressive strength.

3. The bonding strength of cardboard should be high.

The bonding strength is the bonding strength of corrugated paper with lining paper and facing paper. If cardboard pseudo-stick occurs, the face paper or lining paper will be separated from the corrugated paper after compression, and the compressive strength will decrease in a straight line.

4. The gap pressure control in the production process should be moderate.

Special attention should be paid to the clearance pressure of paste on the pasting machine should not be too small. The clearance pressure of the solar wheel on the double-sided machine and die cutting machine should be controlled within a reasonable range to avoid crushing the corrugated shape and affecting the compressive strength of the cardboard.

5. Use water sprinkler and waterproof varnish to solve the problem of surface waterproof and moisture-proof.