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What are the main steps of customizing cartons?

2019-03-09 10:18:50

One is the production of corrugated paperboard, which is processed from the roll paper produced by the paper mill into various types of corrugated paperboard through the corrugated paperboard production equipment. The production process of the paperboard includes paper loading, gluing, bonding, drying, cutting and other processes. The main pollutants occurring during this period are waste paper, waste gas adhesives, residual glue, volatile gases and waste corner materials.

Second, Paperboard Printing process, including printing, slotting, die cutting and other processes, the pollutants generated include ink sewage, organic solvents and other industrial wastewater, solid waste mainly waste corners and production noise, etc.

Thirdly, the forming process of carton is to bind the die-cut cardboard into carton, then further bond the carton, and finally form the finished carton. In this process, the amount of pollutants is relatively small, mainly waste glue and noise.