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What should we pay attention to when opening the cardboard boxes

2019-03-09 10:19:32

Carton has become a popular choice of product packaging because of its exquisite packaging, lightweight and fast features. How to store the high-quality carton products imported from professional carton manufacturers can ensure that the carton can get the ideal use effect in use. Below

Notes on the storage of carton products brought to our customers by small edition.

1. Fire prevention. Cartons are flammable products. Once exposed to open fire, they are very vulnerable to fire. Therefore, whether the production of cardboard boxes is still in storage, or transportation, to prevent open fire in the vicinity of the storage environment means attention.

2. In the place where the cartons are stored, it is also very important for the stable operation of the electrical equipment. If we neglect a little, the old lines, short circuit of contactors and other problems will cause fire. Therefore, we should pay attention to this aspect of inspection in the environment of storing cartons.

3. Moisture-proof, carton factories often use alkaline chemical materials when choosing raw materials, cartons are particularly easy to absorb water and humidity, if wet, cartons are easy to cause softening, cartons and items stored in cartons are also easy to be discarded immediately. In order to prevent the formation of unnecessary

In order to achieve economic losses, we should keep the environment dry and ventilated.

Kaiping cardboard boxes specially advised: in rainy days, we must keep the cardboard boxes well, although not rained, damp, will also become soft. So we must deposit it carefully.