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Printing Method of Opening Carton

2019-03-09 10:20:25

1. Preprint:

Including flexo preprint and gravure preprint, it relies on roll web feed printing. This kind of printing has high registration accuracy, and the number of screening lines can reach 150 lines/inch. It's ferocious! It's usually used in Mengniu, Yili, Guangming and Nongfu Mountain Spring, because it's very efficient, accurate and does not affect the strength of corrugated cardboard. However, the quantitative requirements for long run-length are very high.

After printing, the roll surface sheet is rewound, and the corrugated production line is put on. The required cardboard is made by single or double tile machine, then die cutting, indentation, grooving, punching, nailing or gluing.

2. Lithography/offset:

Printing single face paper first, unlike pre-printing, pre-printing is web feed printing surface sheet of web web web, and it is sheet feed printing. After printing, do not go to the corrugated production line, directly on the veneer and single or double-sided corrugated mounting paper, after processing can be done. This kind of carton is very common for the sale of packaging. Of course, if cartons are only used as shipping packages, they are usually printed in the following way.

3. Post print:

This is the printing method that we often see adopted in the third-class factory. It is to directly print the paperboard which has been mounted and pressed over the high striking line. It is low cost, flexible and has no requirement for quantification. But because flexographic printing is a kind of direct printing, the rubber drum will touch the paperboard directly and transfer the ink to the paperboard by pressure drum. In this way, the strength of the formed corrugated cartons is undoubtedly a kind of destruction. If the pressure is too low, there will be washboard, too big, corrugated.